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I have worked with Jenn for more than 6 years now.  In my mid-50s, I took a very bad fall injuring both my head and leg.  I interviewed 4 personal trainers in the Duxbury area, and decided to hire her.  One of the best decisions I ever made.  The other three trainers told me all about themselves, how their workouts are formed and a vague list of potential things to help me recover completely.  After a few minutes of talking with Jenn about excercise and what my needs were, she told me to stand against the wall and do a squat.  Confused, I did what she said, and while I did them, she told me I stood on my left leg and stuck my hip out too much, and that I needed to change to both feet.  Simple change, but no one ever mentioned it before.  

The change was the beginning of many.  Jenn knows her "stuff".  After working past the injury, we began to work on preventative movement.  I have relearned my posture (unfortunately left over from the Jane Fonda workouts), my walking structure, how I bicycle, play tennis and just sit in my car.  She understands that pain or problem issues are not just at the location, but stem from elsewhere in the body.  Many times she has shown up with a plan for the day, only to take one look at how I walk across the floor, and totally shift the workout to correct something.  

I can not say enough positive things about her work ethic, her knowledge of the quirks of a body and the ability she will bring to anyone lucky enough to become her client.



Jenn is an inspiration for get my butt moving!  When Jenn started coming to the house I was excited to get going, but like other exercise programs I usually slack off after a while.  Jenn would not let me slack off and I'm so grateful she didn't.  This is the best training I have had with variety, fun and consistency! 

Jenn was literally a life saver for me.  In 2006, after retiring and NEVER excercising before, I started working with Jenn for an overall program.  After a few sessions, she noticed my breathing was not right and told me to see my M.D.  - long story short, major artery blocked - two stints necessary. When I resumed exercise, she always was patient, coupled with a great sense of humor.  Her knowledge of anatomy, muscle structure and body alignment is quite extensive.  Jenn gives her all to her client and wants you to succeed - she encourages, she cheers - whatever it takes.  She would be a great asset to your workforce.  If you have any further questions, please let me know.
Jenn has made a huge difference in my workouts.  I don't have the time to spend travelling to the gym and working out.  She comes to me when I have time.  She has learned my strengths and weaknesses and never fails to have a challenging workout planned for me.  I appreciate the effort she pits in.  It's nice to have someone who knows you and to work without the distractions of a big gym.  She's always positive about what she teaches!
Jennifer stretches me out, taught me about my core to help my swing and motivates me with a sense of humor
We have been with Jennifer for 5 years, right after Tommy's cardiac-rehab to stay safe, and now we train with Jennifer once per week, just to keep up with our balance"!

Tommy & Jean


I became acquainted with Jenn several years ago after sequential surgeries to replace both knees and both hips. Coming off many months of Physical Therapy, I was in need of strength and balance training. Jenn has provided all of that and more. She has a unique ability to anticipate what is needed and then follows through with a plan. I believe she is highly sensitive to clients because of her own personal, physical challenges. She is really special and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for real results.

I have worked with Jennifer for many months.  She is motivating and I feel comfortable exercising under her supervision as she helps me with my osteoarthritis.  She goes to great lengths to make sure that the exercises we do are best for my body and my golf game!
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